Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nine Lives

Do you know how many lives one can have? 

The first time i almost lost it was when i was driving on an elbow downhill by the giant turbines. 

The second time was when i thought i lost them. 

The third time was every time i hit 160/110 semi-paralyzed at the emergency rooms of some hospitals. 

The fourth, was when people tried to kill my spirit. 

The fifth was everytime i thought i feared to be alone in my solo travels. 

The sixth was each time a truck tries to steal my lane at the highway's curve or some car trying to race me and challenge my driving stunts by the zigzags. 

The seventh was when i thought i had nothing. 

Saud beach Sunset 2/10/2017

The eighth is when i die seeing hills and islands and oceans, and sunrises and moonrises. 

But I never die even if they try to steal it. Another life amazingly lingers to what is. 

This wonderful breeze that i breathe now is heaven on earth. And hey, my heart is pretty much alive on my 9th. 

LubDub.  <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Solo Joyride

My phones died the night before I left. 

It was like telling me to 'smell the flowers' while i had that roadtrip, driving solo. or maybe breathe the seabreeze and the fresh air. 

The last thing i was able to do before i drove straight 12 hours was to inform only one person that i will be driving. 

My new phone was not charging and i accidentally left my camera on the table before i left home. I was able to take very few photos before my new phone died. It was weird. But those scenes are marked in my mind. 


Friday, February 10, 2017