Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nine Lives

Do you know how many lives one can have? 

The first time i almost lost it was when i was driving on an elbow downhill by the giant turbines. 

The second time was when i thought i lost them. 

The third time was every time i hit 160/110 semi-paralyzed at the emergency rooms of some hospitals. 

The fourth, was when people tried to kill my spirit. 

The fifth was everytime i thought i feared to be alone in my solo travels. 

The sixth was each time a truck tries to steal my lane at the highway's curve or some car trying to race me and challenge my driving stunts by the zigzags. 

The seventh was when i thought i had nothing. 

Saud beach Sunset 2/10/2017

The eighth is when i die seeing hills and islands and oceans, and sunrises and moonrises. 

But I never die even if they try to steal it. Another life amazingly lingers to what is. 

This wonderful breeze that i breathe now is heaven on earth. And hey, my heart is pretty much alive on my 9th. 

LubDub.  <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Solo Joyride

My phones died the night before I left. 

It was like telling me to 'smell the flowers' while i had that roadtrip, driving solo. or maybe breathe the seabreeze and the fresh air. 

The last thing i was able to do before i drove straight 12 hours was to inform only one person that i will be driving. 

My new phone was not charging and i accidentally left my camera on the table before i left home. I was able to take very few photos before my new phone died. It was weird. But those scenes are marked in my mind. 


Friday, February 10, 2017

Thursday, December 24, 2015

China: When I Walked The Great Wall

In February 2013, I went to Beijing.
To walk The Great Wall of China.
In Mutianyu.
And I was happy.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thailand: Prayed in the Temples of Bangkok

When all you do in Bangkok is 
wonder at how their temples were intricately built.
And pray.

Photo taken in February 2013.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Siquijor: That Waterfall Fall

Sometimes there are things you need to hold on to, for a looooong, looooong time.
Swing with it, and go with its flow.
It may be hard, and it will hurt your damn senses.
You may see where you want to go, and know it by heart.
It is just scary to just let go. So just enjoy the bliss! 😉
When it is time to, when you want to, when ready, and brave enough to do so
Just fall, be submerged, downdeep.
But am sure you will float effortlessly & be happy. And whole.
Sometimes you just need those sad, angry, scary, anxious, unsure moments
To be joyful in the end. And forever.
It may not only be for you, but for the happyness of the people around you. 
So just hang on!

Nine Lives

Do you know how many lives one can have?  The first time i almost lost it was when i was driving on an elbow downhill by the giant turb...